Broken Beyond Fixed.

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18. Leeds. UK.
Inspiring Actor. Songwriter. Director. Writer.

"Apart from feeling completely suicidal, horny and depressed. I'm fine."

"I like people too much or not at all."
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Just because I don’t talk to you

Doesn’t mean I don’t think about you. Doesn’t mean I don’t check up on you. Doesn’t mean I don’t worry and wonder about how you are doing. Doesn’t mean I don’t care about you anymore.

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"I am constantly torn between wanting to improve myself and wanting to destroy myself."
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"She was too quiet, or she was too loud. She took things too seriously, or not seriously at all. She was too sensitive, or too cold-hearted. She hated with every fiber of her being, or loved with every piece of her heart. There was no in-between for her. It was either all or nothing. She wanted everything but settled for nothing."
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